Alternative "K": its Lower Reaches

The location of the I-10 Bypass Route Alternative marked "K" as shown on the map above does not appear to follow the current Pomerene Road, which soon becomes Cascabel Road, at its propsed exit from I-10. Cascabel Road is the current route leading upriver on the eastern side, and it figures prominently in the "K" Alternative, but not at the latter's initial exit point. (We will not here try to guess the exact connection of Alternative "K" connection to existing I-10, based on what is shown here, but to provide travelers an orientation to the current realities, Pomerene Road appears in the map on the Benson Side-page (down toward the bottom of the map), where it passes under the I-10 headed northward (just west of the Airstrip). For anyone taking that route, you go to the east side of Benson downtown and take that road, which crosses underneath the I-10 Freeway. From the Interstate along there it is five miles to the settlement of Pomerene. Pomerene will of course be directly affected by a realizing of Alternative "K".

Side-page: the town of Pomerene and Alternative "K"